During these Covid days, children are especially at risk. Education has been limited and most kids do not respond well to Zoom classes and remote learning techniques. An unintended consequence of these lockdowns is the mental health difficulties being witnessed around the country. Of major note are the depression and anxiety felt by children of all ages, in all areas of the nation. Access to pediatricians is limited and the lack of social interaction between other children makes the current situation more difficult in conveying and understanding the needs of children. 

Telemedicine now becomes a virtual lifeline to disparate children everywhere. Our Board Certified pediatricians are available at all times to help, console, counsel, and direct children to a better mental state.  Appointments may be made well in advance or on a triage basis for those times when urgency best describes the circumstances.  Children are often loath to discuss their inner feelings, especially with parents. They believe they are at times turning against their families by recognizing the anxiousness invading their lives.  Our physicians are trained to provide children with an engaging outlet that clearly is interested in their well-being.  We are a voice for those hesitant or frightened of their thoughts and “inner voice” which often leads them to self-harm and defines them as perpetrators, rather than victims. 

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